Bennett Valley World Handicap System FAQs

  1. Why did my Course Handicap go down?

    The short answer is everybody’s CH went down 2 to 3 strokes when WHS was adopted on Jan 1st, 2020.
    Why?  The WHS changed the CH formula.  What did not change is a player’s handicap index or target score.    Before the WHS was adopted, a player’s target score was the 
    Course Rating plus their Course Handicap.  Now, a player’s target score is Par plus their Course Handicap.  For example, if a player was a 10 handicap from the BV white tees, their target score was the Course Rating of 69.5 + 10 = 80.  Now, that same player’s Course Handicap is an 8 and their target score uses Par for the same target of 72 + 8 = 80.

  2. What changed regarding posting a score?

    Generally speaking, posting is now either more complicated or more work.  Players have the option of figuring out Net Double Bogey for each hole or posting gross hole-by-hole scores.

    Total Score Method
    If a player wants to post their total score the way they did in the past, they must know what’s called Net Double Bogey for each hole.  Figuring out Net Double Bogey on each hole is more complicated than the old Equitable Stroke Control system.  In a nutshell, a player’s max score on a hole is Par + Strokes + 2.  Par on a hole is readily known but knowing how many strokes you get on a specific hole requires determining your Course Handicap and applying that number to the most difficult holes according to the stroke index allocation (hole handicapping) for the tees you are playing.  Here are the resources you’ll need to determine Net Double Bogey for a round at Bennett Valley:
  1. Determine the Course Rating, Slope and Par for the tee you are playing
  2. Use the USGA’s Course Handicap Calculator to figure out your Course Handicap
  3. Determine strokes using the Stroke Indices for the tee you are playing.  This is typically recorded as scorecard dots on the holes where you stroke.

Hole-by-Hole Method
If determining Net Double Bogey seems too complicated, the USGA also allows a player to post gross hole-by-hole scores.  The USGA will do the math to determine your Adjusted Gross Score.

When playing in a BVGC tournament, players simply record gross scores on their scorecard.  The Tournament Committee enters those same gross scores and the software we use automatically posts your Adjusted Gross Score.

Total or hole-by-hole posting can be done on a mobile phone using the USGA (iPhone | Android)
 app or from the USGA's Personal Portal

Want to know more?  Please visit the USGA’s FAQ for the World Handicap System.