Bennett Valley Golf Course Local Rules

Winter Rules:  A tournament may be declared to be played under "winter rules" due to mud or extreme wetness conditions. Under these conditions, a player may lift, clean, and place the golf ball with in 1 club length, no closer to the hole until reaching the putting green. (USGA Appendix I, Part A, Section 4b)

Lost Ball: While playing under "winter rules",  if a player hits a ball that cannot be found due to poor playing conditions, the player may drop a ball and continue to play the hole without penalty provided:
a. The ball clearly did not land in a hazard.
b. One or more of the fellow competitors all agree the ball landed in the same general vicinity.
c. The ball is dropped within 1 club length of where the ball most likely landed.

Staked Trees:
The BV golf course has declared small staked trees as environmentally sensitive.  A player may take relief if the stance or swing is affected by the stake or any part of the tree itself. After the point of relief is established, a  free drop, within 1 club length, no closer to the hole. (USGA Appendix I, Part B, section 3)

Hole#10: The BV golf course has declared that the grass ditch on Hole #10, on the left side of the fairway by the fence, is considered an integral part of the course and is not subject to relief. Either play the ball as it lies or declare it unplayable and proceed accordingly. (USGA Rule 28)