Pace of Play Guideline

Beginning in the 2012 season, the BVGC tournament committee instituted a pace of play guideline. The goal, based on overwhelming member comment, was to avoid the dreaded 5-1/2 and 6 hour tournament rounds that at times had been too prevalent. Most affected were pairings toward the middle and end of the field. In fairness to all competitors, a group should finish the front 9 holes no more than 13 minutes behind the group in front of them. For the back 9 holes, completed and signed scorecards need to be turned in to the tournament committee no more that 15 minutes after the group in front.  Failing to check in at the turn or falling behind the group in front will result in a six month late tee time prioritization.

The result of this pace of play rule in 2012 accomplished the goal. Member feedback has been very positive. Typical 4-1/2 hour rounds are now the rule rather than the exception. The "accordion effect" is still an issue with groups speeding up and slowing down that needs to be refined.

The tournament committee recognizes the unintended consequence to this rule and is soliciting member comment to improve and refine the process.

Please read USGA's Tips and Suggestions for Improving Pace of Play for insights.