Bennett Valley Golf Club

Dec 7th, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

Present: James Miller, Lou Capuano III, Steve Hanak, Maria Guarienti, Gregory Fearon, Doug Smith and Jordan Schnur.

Absent: Ralph Thomas

Call to Order: 7:39 AM

Minutes: November minutes were read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report: We are over a thousand dollars behind in income and $1,300 ahead in expenses. A date and time was set for Tuesday in order to create the 2020 club budget. Maria, Lou, James, Steve and Gregory will be present and the budget will be presented at the January meeting.

Membership: Ralph was not present to give a member count. Maria will spend the next year working with Ralph preparing to take over the position of Membership Chair. Maria will be the one to deposit checks and keep a paper trail of who has paid their dues.

We are in need of new board members and will continue to search for willing members.

Tournament: Steve Hanak elected Tournament Chair. Turkey Shoot had a total of 39 players and 34 are signed up for the member/guest with ten of which being guests. The tournament schedule was approved by Jim Knego and the dates are set. The schedule was approved by the board to be posted on the website. More night golf tournaments will be added as time goes on.

NCGA handicap: It is possible that going forward all rounds posted outside tournaments will need to be posted on a hole by hole basis. NCGA would like a net double bogey to be the highest possible score for any given hole. I.E. A player can only card a triple bogey if it is a hole they stroke on or a double bogey if they do not.

More on this will be presented as we are waiting on the NCGA and a new program.

Old Business: The rewriting of our Bylaws was discussed further and will be up for approval prior to the January 4th board meeting.

New Business: We the board would like to thank Ken Richter for his time served on the board and appreciate all that was done. John Christenson was removed as Secretary and Jordan Schnur was elected in his place. Gregory Fearon will remain Treasurer and the Publicity chair along with the NCGA chair are open for election. Lou will hold these positions until further notice. VP is open as well and discussion will happen as to who it will be over time.

An IT committee was formed and James Miller elected Chair. There will be IT reports each meeting.

Rooster Run would like to play a 12 vs 12 match with our club. This has the potential to be an annual event with a play in tournament to establish our 12.

Interest was expressed at attempting to join in on the NCGA 12 man events that consist of Home and Aways between courses.

Adjourned 9 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Jordan Schnur, Secretary