Bennett Valley Golf Club

Meeting February 1, 2020

Present: Lou Capuano III, Steve Hanak, Maria Guarienti, Doug Smith, Jordan Schnur and Ryan Murphy.

Absent: Ralph Thomas, Gregory Fearon, James Miller

Call to Order: 7:33 AM

Minutes: December and January minutes were read and accepted.


  1. $11,000 credit to NCGA coming out for membership. January skins game to be paid to the pro shop. Working on reducing the cost involved with the use of Legends


A.   Member count currently at 282 members.

B.    Ryan Murphy to be voted on next meeting toward becoming a board member.

C.   Meeting will follow directly after the meeting is adjourned to discuss with Tom Kelley the status of his membership.


  1. Will discuss with Bob about moving tournaments to the middle of the day to reduce costs for members. Mariangela will be paying the NCGA for next round of tournament qualifiers.
  2. 50 players signed up for 4 club.
  3. Schedule change for club championship. The qualifier will be August 29th with the championship being held September 12th.
  4. NCGA 4 man changed to the 17th of October.
  5. The Tournament Committee needs to pull in the Turkey Shoot from Nov 28th to Nov 21st because BV has a schedule conflict
  6. BV aeration is scheduled for Sep 21-24.  Per Jim K suggestion the Tournament Committee is ok with moving the Club Championship qualifying round to Aug 29 and Finals to Sep 12.


NCGA handicap: No handicap issues at this time.


  1. Maria successfully processed a paper check and paypal membership renewal.  Maria came up to speed quickly keeping the GG, gdrive and ghin rosters in sync.  The gdrive roster has a "Deposit #" column that links to payment information that will allow Gregory to reconcile member payments against an itemized NCGA invoice.  The MMS roster appears to sync with the ghin roster behind the scenes.  We may want to consider using MMS tools in the future for email blasts, running a free website, surveys, and invoicing.
  2. The bvgolf website was updated to offer accepting venmo and paypal payments.  An email blast was sent to all active and expired members to announce electronic payments, point to the active roster for membership confirmation, and encourage renewals.
  3. Steve dropped off the updated "Signature Card" at Exchange Bank.  Signatories are Louis Capuano, Maria Guarienti, James Miller, Jordan Schnur and Steve Hanak
  4., and were added to the NCGA Club Officer Update email list
  5. JangoMail account closed
  6. Our current BVGC Bylaws were formatted and posted on bvgolf.  The formatted version is stored as a google doc on the gdrive in Archive > Documentation > BVGC Bylaws 2020-0129
  7. todo: email blast a WHS summary as it pertains to BVGC

Old Business: none

New Business:

  1. Will approach Adobe Mens Club for 12 on 12 match. Presidents cup would be the qualifier on May 23rd.
  2. Continue to not pay for JangoMail as it is not needed.

Adjourned 7:54 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Jordan Schnur, Secretary