Bennett Valley Golf Club

January 4, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Present: James Miller, Lou Capuano III, Steve Hanak, Gregory Fearon, and Doug Smith

 Absent: Ralph Thomas, Maria Guarienti, Jordan Schnur, John Christenson

 Call to Order: 7:40 AM

 Minutes: November minutes were not read.  They will be submitted to the Board prior to the February meeting for approval at that meeting.

 New Board Positions:

  1. Jordan Schnur can act as Secretary and Vice President at the same time.
  2. Louie will use outside email for Board communications.  All communications with the membership will be from the President’s email address.
  3. The Board is still looking for an official PR chair.  Louis would like to find someone that is proficient in social media applications.

New Board Members:

  1. Ryan Murphy is interested in joining the Board and will attend the February meeting.  Ryan would like to work with Gregory on club financials and potentially relieve Gregory of Treasurer duties whenever Greg would like to step back.
  2. The Board is still looking for additional members.
  3. Steve Pasadis will be asked about joining the Board of Directors.

Bylaw Approval:

  1. Approval of Final Bylaws was voted on by email with Gregory and Steve approving in person.
  2. We will need to submit a change of name to business registration from Bennett Valley Men’s Club to Bennett Valley Golf Club.  Greg will look into this.

Treasurer’s Report – Gregory Reported:

  1. Three months into our fiscal year, we are about two thousand dollars behind in income, and almost even on expenses.  If we’re prudent, we should stay within our expected $2281.00 loss for the year.  Our current cash balance is $33,115.47, and we’ve got $60 left in Safeway cards.
  2. Preliminary financial reports are on the G Drive in the Finances, December 2019 folder.
  3. The Board discussed the budget meeting that was held on December 10th as reported by Greg.
    1. The Board will try to find ways to lower the expected losses this year by reducing expenses and increasing revenues.
    2. Louie will be meeting with Legends to begin discussing 
  4. Gregory will need to receive reports on a monthly basis for all deposits and bank transactions.
  5. Greg will not be present at the next two board meetings.


A.    Maria was not present at the meeting to present the report, but Board members discussed membership.

B.    James updated Board on Membership:

a.    All membership rosters are currently being synced, but they read different total active members.

b.    268 active members were reported by GHP. This is the most accurate number of members to date.

c.    351 active members were reported by MemberPlanet

d.    396 active members were reported by Golf Genius.

e.    Effort will be made to sync all membership rosters.

f.     Need to compare/verify members with invoices from NCGA.

C.   Steve H. made a motion to accept 267 membership applications with one renewal being disputed.  Doug seconded the motion.

a.    Discussion: Any new or returning members each month need to be voted on and accepted at each Board meeting.  A report should be filled to the board each month by the Membership Committee in order to approve the member applications.

b.    Vote: 5 – Yes, 0 – No, 0 – Abstain: Motion passes.

c.    Steve made a motion to deny Tom Kelley’s application for membership.  James seconded the motion.

                                          i.    Discussion: the Board members reviewed the report submitted by Louis prior to the meeting.  Discussion was held on the subject.

                                         ii.    Voting: 4 – Yes, 0 – No, 1 – Abstain: Motion Passes

1.    Louis will send a letter to Tom Kelley along with the report submitted to the Board.  

Tournament – Steve Reported:

  1. December’s Member/Guest tournament had 40 players.
  2. A couple of new members were picked up due to this tournament
  3. January’s Skins Game tournament currently has 36 players signed up.

NCGA handicap – Louis Reported:

  1. There have been no issues reported by members on handicaps or adjustments.
  2. World Handicap system was recently implemented for the USGA Ghin system.  However, the updated handicaps have not been published by the time of the meeting.
  3. More issues may arise from the changeover of handicap systems, but nothing to report at this date.

Technology – James Reported:

  1. Currently writing a utility to merge GHP, gdrive and GG rosters
  2. MMS does not report lapsed/inactive members, so it does not help us reach out for renewals.
  3. GHP is offline and currently redirects to USGAs Admin Portal that should allow registration Monday.
  4. James will send out a WHS update when the roster merge completes. He would like to reach current and former members so they can confirm their application/renewal was processed and to encourage inactive member renewals. Will get the active roster on the web site current so members can confirm their status.
  5. Regarding WHS, James reached out to Jim Cowan and asked if a scoring app was in the works to handle calculating and detailing a player's net double bogey score on a hole-by-hole basis and he indicated the USGA does not know course hole handicaps. There are several apps that do know hole handicaps so I'm guessing they will eventually offer that information as a feature. James is not aware of any specific apps but James is interested in any recommendations.
  6. James is giving the signed sig card change form to Steve Hanak. Steve needs to take the sig card change form to Exchange Bank and get IDed. Louis does not need to get IDed. Authorized signers will be Louis, Maria, Steve, Jordan and James

Old Business: No Old Business was discussed.

New Business: No New Business was discussed.

Adjourned 8:56 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Louis Capuano, President