Bennett Valley Golf Club


May 8th, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes


Present: Lou Capuano III, Maria Guarienti, Doug Smith, Gregory Fearon, James Miller, Jordan Schnur and Ryan Murphy.


Absent: Steve Hanak


Call to Order: 3:05 PM


Minutes: Approved Minutes from April.


Treasurer’s Report: Exploring option of either giving some dues back to members or adding more tournaments. Continued discussion of adding money from missed tournaments to another event I.E. a BBQ


Membership: Member count currently at 298 members.


Tournament: Cancel May 23rd Presidents Cup. Working with Bob to rework the tournament schedule. NCGA Championships are cancelled for this season. Looking into how last year's qualifiers and possibly this year's qualifiers(if any) could both go next season. We will be contacting the NCGA to see how they plan to move forward. General consensus is to add more tournaments and to host a BBQ since the NCGA cost has already been incurred for membership.


NCGA handicap:Lou is almost done with certification.


IT Committee: Extending the Gdrive roster spreadsheet to create legends discount cards, update the website roster, generate invoices and create envelopes looks possible and is currently working on templates.


Public Relations: Research is being done by Doug into other clubs marketing to find our best approach going forward.


Old Business: The match with the members of Rooster Run has been shelved for now.


Adjourned 3:28 PM


Respectfully submitted,


Jordan Schnur, Secretary