NCGA Qualifying Tournaments:

Due to the NCGA tournament  calendar, not all BVGC qualifying tournaments will compete and qualify in the same calendar year.

It is BVGC club policy to pay your NCGA entry fee for all sectional and championship tournament rounds

All players are responsible for their correct  and up to date contact information. Contact Membership Chairman when necessary.

Sectional qualifying sites are determined by NCGA and players notified of the site selection shortly before the tournament. Players should monitor the NCGA website for updated information under"competitions".

BVGC NCGA 2-Man Best Ball Qualifiers for 2017:

The entry deadline is April 30th and the Sectional Qualifying round (site TBD) is May 25th 2017

The  teams of:

         Don Ballard / Steve Urbanek

         Craig Wiper / Don Johnson

         Don Rake / Joe Franklin

qualified for the 2017  NCGA sectional qualifying round in 2016

       1st Alternate: Ralph Thomas / Vic Shellenberg

     2nd Alternate: Darren Shaw / Tyson Saracini


> BVGC NCGA Senior 2-Man Best Ball:

The entry deadline is July 9th and the Sectional Qualifying round (site TBD) is August 2nd 2017

The teams of:
        D. Ballard / S. Urbanek
        M. Hanlon / V. Holmstedt
        H. Byun / S. Fujii

Qualified at the April 8, 2017 Tournament

       1st Alternate: B. Lavery / R. Purugganan
       2nd Alternate: D. Soekland / R. Paglia

> BVGC NCGA 4-Man 2-Best Ball October 14, 2017

The 2017 NCGA Qualifiers will play next year 2018 on TBD.

Qualifiers: Vic Holmsted, Randy Paugh, Bill Sweet, Michael Hanlon
Alternates: Aaron Lindh, Mat Tamba, Ryan Murphy, Micky Rabinovitz